Sunday, October 25, 2009

Blog- the $32,000 Question!

Literally. In 2002 I was on "Who Wants to be a Millionaire" and the answer to my 32K Q was "blog." At the time I had never heard the word but thankfully my phone-a-friend had and I walked away with the money. Yes, I missed the 64K question, and yes, I will never forget what the question was... Now years later blogs are ubiquitous and here I am, blogging away! Why did I decide to start my own blog, seeing as how there are already kajillions of them about cooking? I don't expect anyone to ever find me and become a regular reader- I do this to be able to keep track of my recipes, my thoughts, my epiphanies, and just simply for the pleasure to put my thoughts into written words. I do tend to yammer on when the subject turns to cooking and I have seen (or imagined that I saw) eyes rolling back into heads when I start explaining the whys and wherefores of different types of flour. Not everyone appreciates the differences between high-gluten and regular flour. Can you imagine? When I joined Facebook I noticed that most people talked about their latest vacation or posted pictures of their grandchildren; I found myself sharing what I had baking in the oven or was stirring on the stove and posting pictures of breads and cakes that I made. Ohhhhhh I am turning into a "Foodie"!!! So, not wanting to mark myself as someone with nothing to do but cook (almost the truth!) I started this blog. In the short time that I have been writing it I have already seen that it will be a big help keeping recipes straight. I tend to cook something once or twice then forget about it. Or I will make some change in the recipe and then can't remember later what I did. This way I can always go back and see what worked and what didn't.
I have no illusions that I will ever be a font of cooking wisdom but if someone stumbles across this humble blog I hope they will at least leave a 'howdy!'

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  1. That's great! And yes you're right, it's a great way of keeping recipes straight :)