Friday, June 11, 2010


Anthony Bourdain is one of those men to whom I am instantly attracted. He is, of course, completely unattainable- most importantly because he is married- but also because he is in another universe from where I exist. But wow is he fun to watch! He is such a smartass, cocky, lanky, but you just know that you could sit and talk with (or listen to) him for days and never become bored. His wife is a lucky lady and what a trip he must be for a dad! I, too, have a daughter who was slurping raw oysters at 2 years of age, so I know the pride he feels as he watches his little one and thinks "Daddy's little girl"- "Mama's little girl" to me. So imagine how thrilled I was last September when my younger, non-oyster-slurping daughter rang me and asked would I like to see Mr. B in Tulsa next June. Be still my heart....duh! Within 30 minutes we had our VIP tickets bought (and I still don't know how VIP-ish it will actually be tomorrow night) and we were sharing our ideas about what the 'show' will be like. Still don't quite know what to expect. The months have raced by and tomorrow night we will be almost front row, center, and listening intently to anything he has to say. I hope we get to introduce ourselves and don't gush all over him. Jen and I have been trying to come up with questions to ask- I think I have mine: "Annnnnnthony, after you ate the half-cleaned poop-shooter cooked in ashes in Africa which did you do first- puke or brush your teeth?"
A picture with him between us, him grinning from ear to ear with his funky-teeth smile, is all I ask. We shall see...